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NUTECH Laser Centre

The NUTECH Laser Centre processes workpieces and component assemblies as a subcontractor, from sample parts to mass production in 3-shift operation. We handle materials procurement, warehousing, installation and mechanical pre- and after-treatment. Our core expertise lies in laser cutting, laser beam welding and laser surface finishing of steels, non-ferrous metals and ceramic materials. We offer our services as a development partner for constructing and developing prototypes and process parameters. We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and authorised as a laser beam welding specialist as per DIN EN ISO 3834-2.

NUTECH laser system technology

The NUTECH laser system technology develops and supplies custom-made designs of beam guidance systems and high-performance optics for laser processing, particularly for processing inner pipes. Our core expertise lies in the design and manufacture of laser optics for laser beam welding, laser hardening and laser coating. This specialisation in small designs allows us to create optics for machining processes on interior surfaces such as those on bushings, interior boxes, pipes, valves and perforations from an inside diameter of 50 mm. We also offer these processes as subcontracted services in our Laser Centre.

NUTECH Analytics & Testing Centre

The NUTECH Analysis & Testing Centre is your services centre for materials testing, analytics and calibration of materials testing machines. We will identify the chemical composition, metallographic structural conditions and mechanical-technological properties of metal components, plastics and composite materials for you. We will also provide you with expert consultation services for damage events. A check of 3.1 inspection certificates is an integral part of incoming inspection processes for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. As an approved hazardous materials test centre, the Analysis Department carries out work station analyses for fibrous, air-borne toxic substances, such as asbestos or man-made fibres. Building material samples are analysed for asbestos or man-made fibre content and air samples are taken.

In addition, we also offer sampling and compilation of pollutant registrations. We also provide a wide range of chemical and physical analysis methods for refuse-derived fuels, including sample preparation. Our mobile Calibration Service will calibrate your materials testing machines regarding high pressure, tension, hardness and working capacity on your premises. The Analysis and Testing Centre is accredited by DAkkS, Germany's National Accreditation Body, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025.

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