The Analysis Department focuses on three main areas:

Construction materials analysis handles testing of samples from buildings and soil for particular toxic substances. Such substances specifically include asbestos and man-made fibres, but also polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). You can send us samples that you have taken yourself (sample data sheet) or use our qualified sampler service. During this process, we will also gladly help you in compiling pollutant registrations before repairs, structural alterations or demolition work. We will also provide support for renovation projects with air sampling as per VDI 3492, carry out workstation measurements for small projects or take exploratory measurements for fibre dust.

The second area of our work is analysis of metals. We work closely with our Materials Testing Department to establish the composition of metal materials testing for a conformity test or to identify unknown materials.

Our third core activity is testing of refuse-derived fuels for thermal energy generation as per RAL quality specifications. Analyses comprise an element analysis and determination of the calorific value and organic carbon content. We also handle other analysis requirements which occur during operation of waste-to-energy plants.

Our high-grade, versatile laboratory equipment and our expert team of employees enable us to provide a flexible response to new fields and challenges in analysis. Contact us for more information.

Determination of biomass carbon after disintegration of refuse-derived fuels...

Testing of refuse-derived fuels as per...

We provide the following services for indoor air sampling:

We provide the following services in construction materials analysis:

We provide the following services for material identification:

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