Laser beam welding inserts the energy required for welding in situ in the components being welded using a laser beam. The comparatively low heat input for laser welding and the high cooling rates at welding points ensure virtually warp-free welding. As a general rule, a distinction is made between heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding. In the case of heat conduction welding, only the material surface is melted. In contrast, deep penetration welding forces energy into the surface to create the vapour capillary typical of laser beam welding.

Lasers can be used to weld materials at a high melting temperature or through high thermal conductivity. Materials or material combinations which cannot be welded or are difficult to weld using conventional methods can be welded with a laser.

The advantages of laser beam welding in brief:

  • Little heat distortion
  • Extremely precise and high welding speeds
  • Optimum weld seam quality and a narrow weld
  • No refinishing of the weld required
  • Problematic materials & material combinations can be welded

Nutech has welded everything with lasers for more than 25 years thanks to the state of the art in technology. We will be pleased to complete your welding tasks successfully, be it a sample part or mass production runs.

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Accredited as per DIN EN ISO 17025, our in-house materials testing laboratory is responsible for quality assurance in the Laser Centre. The Analysis & Testing Centre is...

Our machinery consists of ultra-modern equipment for laser processing of materials, quality assurance, preliminary work and finishing work. We use both CO2 and solid-state lasers with a maximum laser output in contracting and mass production.

„Over 20 million safety components per year, 24 hours a day, five days a week and more..."

Our Contract Manufacturing Department not only welds safety-relevant components such as pressure tanks, but also manufactures prototypes or establishes the basic principles for future mass welding.

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