Laserschweissen Qualitätssicherung

Accredited as per DIN EN ISO 17025, our in-house materials testing laboratory is responsible for quality assurance in the Laser Centre. 14 employees work in NUTECH's Analysis and Testing Centre, making it one of the largest test laboratories in North Germany. The Laser Centre has direct access to numerous destructive and non-destructive testing procedures and materials analysis on a daily basis, including an optical emission spectrometer, metallography/structure analysis and a scanning electron microscope.

Weld seam quality assessments are accompanied by a sample parts approval from the test laboratory. The tests range from macrosections and conventional destructive component tests through to measurement checks. The scope and frequency are based on our clients' test plans. Streamlined processes thus enable permanent, fast quality control before and during actual production operations.

The Laser Centre is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and authorised as a laser beam welding specialist operation as per DIN EN ISO 3834.

Our goals for quality assurance are:

  • Detection of possible errors in good time
  • Safeguarding of processes
  • Compilation of quality certificates

This is all carried out as far as financially and technically feasible.

In addition to conventional measurement equipment to assess dimensional stability in purchased or supplied components, we also operate a 3D coordinate measuring machine with an accuracy of +/- 5 µm. The quality of individual parts is decisive for the dimensional stability of welded assembly groups. On request, we will also take charge of incoming goods inspection of our clients' or their sub-suppliers' delivered single components.

We use the following methods to control weld seams during actual production:

  • Plasma sensors for online monitoring
  • Offline process monitoring as part of the agreed test plans
  • Component tests for pressure tightness and similar

The methods used to provide quality assurance are FMEAs, initial sample tests as per VDA standards and production, control and test plans.