Laser surface engineering can be used in all sectors where machines or individual components are exposed to wear or corrosion. The potential uses of laser surface engineering are many and are increasing at a steady rate.

We are already operating in the following sectors, for which we machine components in our robot systems:

  • General mechanical engineering
  • Ship building (e.g. hardening of engine components)
  • Food processing (different shaft types)
  • Agriculture (wear protection for soil cultivation tools)
  • Oil and gas industry (coating on piping and drilling tools, corrosion protection)
  • Offshore industry (corrosion protection for underwater hammers)
  • Steel industry (wear protection for rollers)
  • General repairs (shafts, die cutting tools, press moulds and similar)
  • Pump industry (corrosion and wear protection for valves and housings)

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  • Mining
  • Aerospace industry
  • General incineration plants
  • Wood machining
  • Foundry industry
  • Toolmaking
  • Chemical industry
  • Vehicle construction
  • Agricultural machinery construction
  • Food industry


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