Our accredited Calibration Service provides on-site calibration as per DIN 51220 in Germany and neighbouring countries. We undertake maintenance and repair of your machines in cooperation with experienced service providers. Our calibration engineers provide a fast, reliable service. As an added extra, we will take over administration of your scheduled calibration visits and offer you a convenient telephone reminder service.

We will advise you on maintenance and monitoring of machine testing capacities, such as ensuring acquisition of hardness testing plates and indenters. We will also gladly give you advice on in-house quality assurance and control of inspection, measuring and test equipment. You will find our accredited services on our current accreditation certificate. A manufacturer's calibration of your equipment is possible for non-accredited services on request. It is essential to look at the measurement chain as a whole in this respect. We will use our expertise to advise you on such matters.

We offer calibration for the following items

  • Preparation of DAkkS calibration certificates for compression testing machines to test materials with a strain cylinder test as per DIN EN 12390-4 and DIN 51302-2, for tension, flexion and universal testing machines as per DIN EN ISO 7500-1
  • Calibration and testing of extensometer systems in materials testing machines as per DIN EN ISO 9513
  • Calibration and testing of hardness testing machines as per the Brinell, Vickers, Knoop and Rockwell methods (DIN EN ISO 6506-2, 6507-2, 6508-2)
  • Calibration and testing of impact and pendulum impact machines as per DIN EN ISO 148-2


Example of DAkkS calibration certificate Example of manufacturer calibration certificate
Example of 100 kN universal testing machine 1 Example of plate loading test machine 1

Mobile Calibration service

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