Laser beam cutting is a highly innovative manufacturing process, during which a high-power laser beam melts the component's parent metal and is blown away by a cutting gas. High-precision cuts up to 15 mm thick can be made at a cutting rate of several metres per second.

Advantages of laser beam welding over conventional processes include:

  • Low, precise energy input
  • Minimum warping in components
  • No tool costs
  • High cut quality

At NUTECH, we use state-of-the-art 2D and 3D CNC laser cutting systems and are thus able to manufacture prototypes, individual components, small batches and mass production runs efficiently at a favourable price for you.

In the field of laser beam cutting, we have specialised in precision blanking of special components over the years. Our core expertise in this field is precision cutting of different materials in the 0.05 mm film range.

We are able to develop and construct special equipment for cutting special pipes or tubing at our plant.

We will carry out your special tasks for you, from job lots to mass production.

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