Laser beam welding, laser welding and laser surface finishing manufacturing

Laser beam welding, laser cutting and laser surface finishing manufacturing techniques are the core expertise in our Laser Centre. We process workpieces and component assemblies as a subcontractor, from sample parts to mass production in a 3-shift operation.

Our core business is processing main assembly groups in sensor systems, engine compartments and powertrains in vehicles, instruments and implants in medical technology and precision engineering components. All parts are produced in batch operation and delivered directly onto the conveyor belt in fixed and regular lot sizes.

Laser powder welding, laser hardening and laser coating

Since 2013, we have been using a Reis robot system in conjunction with an 8 kW IPG fibre laser for laser cladding, laser hardening and laser coating of large components. The first large orders have already been completed. At the client's request, we will handle all necessary work steps in a production process, all materials management for individual components, pre-processing and finishing work and fitting of individual components. If required, we will also manufacture in a kanban system or deliver from our own warehouse.

Quality assurance of welding processes

Permanent quality assurance of welding processes based on destructive and non-destructive analysis and testing is carried out by our accredited materials testing laboratory and other departments. We have thus gained the trust of our clients and manufacture mass production items for the automotive supplier industry, as a single-source provider at times. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. We are certified to DIN EN 9001:2008 and authorised as a laser beam welding specialist as per DIN EN 3834 and DIN EN 15085.

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