Macro laser welding technology

In our Macro Laser Welding Technology Department, all components are processed to a necessary penetration depth of more than one millimetre. Three welding cells with redundant parts are used for such tasks and are conceived for multi-shift operation.

A basic philosophy underlies all activities in NUTECH departments: 'No such thing as no can do.'

We thus also weld material combinations which are generally regarded as problematic. This allows us to weld GGG40 to a high standard of flawless quality for you without preheating or welding consumables. We also hold a HP 0 approval for our macro laser welding technology.

Our specialist staff perform quality assurance during the welding process. This takes the form of visual inspections and measurement checks along with metallographic specimens provided by our Analysis and Testing Centre.

We use the following test methods:

  • Full penetrant test
  • Structural examination
  • Leakage test
  • Hardness profile
  • Material specifications

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