Nutech GmbH has special expertise and a wide range of experience in the manufacture of laser optics for laser hardening. These optical tools are manufactured for conventional laser types such as Co2, Nd: YAG, high-power diode and fiber laser sources up to 8 kW. Our hardening optics can be used for outside as well as inside hardening.

Exemplary applications:

  • Internal and external hardening of running surfaces
  • Hardening of gear flanks
  • Hardening in the powertrain area
  • Hardening on a subcontract basis

Process parameters:

Upon request, we can take over the development of the required process parameters for your components. As part of subcontracting, we support you in testing initial samples and small series. We would be happy to advise you on the acquisition of the necessary laser sources and handling systems, accompany your series run through our in-house capacities and take on the training of your employees.